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Product Groups
  • Inverters
  • Stationary energy storage for residential buildings
  • Home energy management solutions (HEMS)
Contact Information
+86 134 80263148
HDL Automation Co., Ltd
No. 86 Lotus West Road, Shilou Town, Panyu District
511447 Guangzhou, China

Individual company presentation

Who we are

HDL Automation is a leading global provider of smart living solutions, we are operating in more than 106 countries and regions, We're dedicated to making homes not just smarter but also healthier and greener. The HDL Total Energy Management Solutions adds intelligence to solar systems to ensure your system are smarter and more energy efficient.

What we do

We found 2 major obstacles of spreading solar products, first one is high equipment investment, inverters are expensive, batteries are even more. Second obstacle is long payback period, usually 7-8 years if without subsidies. So Our solutions are designed to solve these 2 issues.

How do we reduce equipment investment?

1. We use water inside of your boiler to store energy instead of battery to reduce battery cost.

2. We develop Power Guardian which helps you to regulate your home loads, and will switch off non-essential loads of your house during power outage to ensure your battery runtime can be extended 30% more, to reduce the quantity of batteries needed to support your house.

3. We simplify the installation of battery system, our battery packs don’t need wiring, so it saves your installation time as well as the wire cost.

4. Effortless Configuration, Auto identify and allocate the ID Address, which simplifies the process by automatically detecting and identifying new devices.

Why us

Besides intelligence, our products are also very safe, these makes us different from other suppliers, our Proactive Power Safety features including:

1. DC Arc Protection.

Built-in DC Arc Fault Sensor prevents fire hazards caused by DC Arc.

2. Insulation Monitoring:

PV Insulation Resistance Sensor to reduce potential safety risks.

3. Leakage Protection:

The Type B leakage Current Sensor provides protection against electric shocks from PV insulation damage.

4. SunSpec Rapid Shutdown:

Enhance safety with SunSpec Rapid Shutdown. PV panel can be discharged quickly, so technicians can work safely during maintenance

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