Schedule / Checklist

May 2020 Application form available
Start booth allocation
June 2020 Exhibitor Checkliste online
Exhibition cost-calculator online
Online application available
July 2020 Sponsorships & Marketing offers available online
October 2020 Exhibitor list 2021 available online
November 2020 Floor plans available online
January 2021 Exhibitor Cockpit available online
Exhibitor Service Manual available online
Start submission period for the AWARD
February 2021 Visitor registration for exhibition starts
Exhibitor registration starts
Conference attendee registration starts
March 2021 Application deadline for the AWARD
Application deadline for Exhibition Forums
April 2021 Deadline for logo booking in the Event Guide
Traffic guide online
Submission deadline for booth construction
Order deadline for technical services
June 2021 Order deadline for press kit space rental
The smarter E Europe, June 9 – 11, 2021, Messe München, Germany

Checklist for exhibitors

The following checklist covers the most important steps in planning for your participation in the exhibition and will help you to optimally prepare.

Download the Checklist for Exhibitors (PDF, 347 KB)