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  • Lithium-based batteries
  • Battery Materials
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358 Saemangeumsandan 2-Ro
54002 Gunsan-Si, Jeonbuk-Do, South Korea

Individual company presentation

Based on the excellent production technology and manpower for the production of electrolyte additives such as LiPO2F2 and LiFSI, which play an important role in high output, stability, life extension, and low-temperature performance improvement of electric vehicle batteries, we currently have the largest electrolyte (LiPO2F2, LiFSI) production CAPA in Korea. Recently, we have been in the spotlight as a lithium-based battery material company in Korea, including the award of the R52 Jang Young-sil Award, the most prestigious industrial technology award in Korea, and the selection of a Small Giant company of materials, parts and equioment 100+

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We have completed and patented a number of additives (LiPO2F2, LiFSI, CsFSI, LiBOB, LiDFOP, etc.) related to lithium batteries.
LiFSI has the highest ion conductivity among electrolytes currently used and has good high thermal decomposition temperature, so it has good high temperature stability.
LiPO2F2 can partially solve the problem of maintaining the discharge capacity and overcharging the battery when the battery is repeatedly charged and discharged.
CsFSI can reduce gas generation, increase explosion stability, and improve battery life.
The separator binder serves to prevent heat-induced contraction and breakage of the separator and to prevent explosion in the battery.

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