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The smarter E Login offers you a range of exclusive services and functions to improve your online and offline experience of The smarter E and its exhibitions and conferences.

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Features of The smarter E Login

Access the Webinar Collection

The smarter E Webinars are a great opportunity for industry professionals to get up-to-the-minute information about emerging and established markets, exciting market dynamics, innovative technological trends as well as policy developments in their fields.

The Webinar Collection features past webinars about the whole range of The smarter E's topics. Each webinar comes with a recording to watch at your leisure and the accompanying presentation slides for you to download.

Save Your Favorite Exhibitors, Sessions and Content

When logged in, use the star icon to save your favorite content, so you can easily find it again!

Make a list of exhibitors from the exhibitor list you would like to visit during the exhibition, and save all the sessions and special events from the exhibition program you don't want to miss.

You can also bookmark your favorite webinars, news to refer to later and so on.

See the Most Relevant Contents First

The range of topics of the new energy world is so vast that it is not always easy to find exactly what is relevant for you.

In your personal user profile you can select both the topics you are interested in and what kind of information is most important for you. This makes the respective information and news show up with a higher priority.

One Login for All Websites

When you switch between websites that are part of The smarter E and are already logged in, you can use the Comfort Login function to validate your login with only one click. Watch out for the info box that appears at the top right of the website.

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