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For more than ten years, we have been driving the advancement of renewable energy storage systems. The decision to include ees (electrical energy storage) in 2014 in our event portfolio constituted a major milestone. In June 2014, the first international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems took place in parallel to Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry at Messe München and evolved quickly to Europe’s largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems.

But this success would not have been possible without our exhibitors and partners.
So a big thank you to our exhibitors and partners!

Florian Mayr – Partner at Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory

"ees Europe and I started out together in the energy storage segment and it is still with me today. Ten years ago, I founded Apricum's Energy Storage Practice and naturally attended the first ees Europe – and every year since then. First as a visitor, then as a speaker and moderator and since 2020 as Conference Committee Chair. Just as energy storage has evolved from a little-noticed niche topic to a mainstay of the energy transition during this time, ees Europe has also changed: from a small "appendage" of Intersolar to a well-known, independent brand with steadily growing exhibitor and visitor numbers. And a conference program as diverse as the industry itself. So happy birthday, ees Europe, you have done very well!"

Volker Ritzert – CEO by BMZ Germany GmbH

“We have appreciated the ees for years. Established as THE leading exhibition for home and industrial storage it functions as a door opener internationally.”

David Wedepohl – Managing Director International Affairs, German Solar Industry Association

“I remember when BSW lobbied the German government hard in 2012 and 2013 to introduce a solar storage incentive program – and our efforts paid off. It turns out that, like strawberries and cream, we cannot imagine solar without storage. In fact, 80 percent of all new residential systems in Germany are now being installed with battery storage. But where do you showcase all the technologies and opportunities that come with storage? And who could have foreseen this development a decade earlier? The Intersolar organizers, it turns out, who introduced the energy storage exhibition ees Europe right in time. Congratulations, and we look forward to working with you in the years to come!”

Yin Xiaoqiang – General Manager of BYD Energy Storage & New Application Battery Division

"Energy storage is indispensable in the global green and low-carbon energy transition. As an enterprise dedicated to R&D and promotion of innovative energy storage technologies, we would like to express sincere gratitude to ees Europe for providing us with a platform to exchange and discuss the most advanced energy storage technologies. Through ees Europe, we have also had the opportunity to connect with outstanding partners from different countries around the world, working together to realize BYD Energy Storage's vision of "Clean Energy for a Better Life". We hope that ees Europe will play an increasingly important role in promoting global energy transition and facilitating sustainable development for human society."

Michael Schnakenberg – Founder and Managin Director of Commeo GmbH

"Congratulations on your 10th birthday, dear ees Europe team! Year after year, you succeed in shedding light on the energy industry from a variety of perspectives and bringing together experts from the sector. Transparency and intelligent integration in the power grid are crucial to driving the energy transition forward together. We at Commeo have also embodied these values as a holistic solution provider in energy storage for ten years now. We look forward to celebrating this anniversary together with you."

Florian Jurig – Director Marketing E3/DC by HagerEnergy GmbH

“Not everyone in the solar industry recognized early on that storage technology is much more than just a component of photovoltaics. Intelligent storage systems are the key to a decentralized energy transition and rightly stand at the center of ees Europe as an independent exhibition and as an integral part of 'The smarter E.' As exhibitors from the very beginning, we at E3/DC have been able to help shape this important exhibition. It has since become a highlight in the calendar, and we are particularly looking forward to the anniversary event this year.After 10 years of ees Europe, the importance of storage technology is obvious. We were convinced of this right from the start - and the organizers of ees Europe obviously were too - congratulations and good luck for the future!”

Patrick Clerens, Generalsekretär EASE - European Association for the Storage of Energy

"When ees Europe first took place, EASE was only two years old. It's remarkable to witness how, similarly, energy storage has matured since then to take a prominent position among investors and policymakers. ees Europe has become one of the few key events that people look for. As energy storage and renewables are usually collocated and deployed together, being able to attend a fair where technology providers for all solutions are present gives you the needed insights to understand the future of this sector. And speaking of the future, we look forward to the next ten years of ees continuing to play a pivotal role."

Franz-Josef Feilmeier – CEO and Founder of Fenecon

„It was brave to start an exhibition for a niche like energy storage systems in 2014 – but of course we were there right from the start! The past 10 years energy storage systems have grown up to be a young adult – even though their success is only at its beginning. We are excited to see how ees Europe has set the agenda with its conferences, loyalty and more and more exhibitors and guests every year. It grew to be Europe’s largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems where key players of the industry gather every year. Happy Birthday! To many more decades!”

Daniel Fuchs, Vice President, International & Battery Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA)

„The International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance takes great pride in our enduring partnership with ees Europe, a collaboration that has flourished since its inception. As we prepare to co-host the ees Forum for the seventh time in 2024, we reflect on the profound impact of our shared journey. Together, we have cultivated a platform that fosters the exchange of market knowledge and unites key participants, both vital elements for a successful energy transition. Congratulations on your anniversary!”

Hans Urban – Ing.Büro Hans Urban

“The energy transition is coming of age! After many successful years, renewable energies have become unrivaled in terms of price and already have a share of more than 50% in our electricity sector. In the second half of the energy transition, storage systems will now take on an increasingly important role! The smarter E, the undisputed leading exhibition alliance for renewables, recognized this 10 years ago and created a platform back then with the ees, which now also sets the absolute benchmark in storage technology. This offer of "everything under one roof" benefits every visitor, who can obtain optimal and competent information on all relevant topica here.What more could you want? Congratulations, ees, from me and especially on behalf of ECO STOR GmbH!”

Kilian Reichert – Moderator and Filmmaker

“For 20 years, I have worked as a presenter and filmmaker for all exhibitions associated with The smarter E. Munich, San Francisco, Mumbai, Beijing – in all these places, I’ve had the privilege of exploring the future of our energy technology. The decision to establish ees as its own brand ten years ago has had a massive and lasting impact, strengthening the storage market and giving it a huge global boost. It was through this step that I – and many others – realized how complex and yet simple the energy transition is. Without storage systems, large or small, no alternative and especially no decentralized energy system could ever work. The fact that ees has become a second home for all global players is a testament to its success. Happy birthday! ”

Daniel Schmitt – Co-Founder and CEO, Memodo

“Dear ees Europe team, congratulations and all the best for your 10th anniversary from your Memodo team. You’re making a big difference in the energy transition. What you’ve created is far more than just an exhibition – for many participants, ees is like a family reunion. Exhibitors at ees may see each other as competitors, but they also come together to fight for a common cause – the energy transition. You unite what is meant to be united. And for that we are very grateful. We look forward to the next ten years with you!”

Christian Haferkamp – CSO, Senec

ees has become a true hub for storage technology – and a recurring event for the entire industry. Our trade partners always look forward to the event to learn more from us and others about the latest developments and future trends. We are seeing a growing trend toward 360-degree integrated solutions with storage systems and PV. Due to the strong vitality of the market, we are confident that the exhibition will continue to grow rapidly over the next ten years. Good luck to everybody involved – we are proud to have been there from the very beginning. Happy Birthday, ees Europe!”

Susan Käppeler VP Sales, Marketing & Customer Service DACH at sonnen

“A task for the century like the energy transition can only be tackled together and sonnen stands like no other company for the power of networking. Hence ees Europe is one of the most important events of the year for us because we can network on a personal level. The exhibition has become the main meeting place for leading minds of the energy world. Over time we got to establish partnerships, exchange ideas and garner feedback. Especially in the current state of the industry this exchange is even more important. We congratulate ees Europe to their 10-year anniversary and are looking forward to the next 10 years!”

Daniel Hannemann & Simon Schandert – Founder TESVOLT AG

“Tesvolt congratulates ees Europe on their 10-year anniversary! From the beginning ees was a leading forum for technology, solutions and exchange of knowledge. Every year we are admiring the courage, pioneering spirit and innovation that lays within our industry and how we are collectively contributing to a better and more sustainable world. At TESVOLT we are proud to be part of the inspiring community that gathers at ees Europe every year. And sometimes there are small coincidences that make occasions special: Tesvolt is also celebrating its 10-year anniversary this summer. We are excited to toast to a long partnership and joint effort for sustainable future of energy with ees Europe.”

Volker Buddensiek, Freelance Journalist

“This is my fourth attempt to congratulate ees Europe on its 10th anniversary in a short text. When you have been a journalist in this industry for as long as I have, you want to take the opportunity to look back on the great development of this trade fair. But do the many young players still want to hear their grandfather talk about "back then"? So let us put it this way: the fact that storage technology has developed so strongly in Germany, both technically and economically, and that electricity storage is now seen as the fourth pillar of our energy system, means that the industry needs a meeting place like this with its comprehensive range of information and tailor-made contact opportunities. I would therefore like to congratulate the entire ees Europe team on the first ten years of this successful format.”

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