Autarchy as a Huge Opportunity for the Storage Market

The smarter E Podcast Episode 30 | December 10, 2020 | Language: German

The storage market in Europe and especially in Germany is booming. The number of available home storage units is rising sharply, and even in the pandemic year 2020 the industry is recording stable growth rates. Climate-friendly solutions are more in demand than ever, and many see a huge opportunity in the combination of PV and storage. But what will happen as a result of the EEG amendment, where will the journey take us? And what economic influences could it have?

We talk about this with Aurelie Alemany, CEO of SENEC GmbH.

Aurelie Alemany, CEO of SENEC GmbH


3.02: What will the German storage market look like in ten years?
4.02: What are currently the most exciting technologies?
6.40: Where are the greatest potentials of energy storage systems?
12.10: What role does electromobility play in discharge and charge rates?
15.05: What impact will the EEG amendment have on the storage market?

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About Aurelie Alemany and SENEC

As a solution provider for self-supply with self-generated solar power and manufacturer of electricity storage systems, SENEC, a wholly owned subsidiary of EnBW since 2018, offers its customers flexibility in the use of solar power from their own PV system. With its energy solutions, SENEC offers its customers independence from constantly rising prices on the electricity market.

Together with its specialist partners, the company enables people to have an independent and sustainable energy supply with self-generated solar power. Since the first of October, Aurélie Alemany has been managing director of SENEC. Aurélie Alemany has been working for the EnBW Group since 2011, before that she worked in the chemical industry.

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