Intersolar Europe Conference 2021: Focus on new Photovoltaics and Storage Technologies

Press release – Thursday, September 23, 2021

Munich/Pforzheim, September 23, 2021: Notably, photovoltaic systems and large-scale solar power plants combined with electrical energy storage are becoming more and more important for grid control and managing grid congestion, forming the backbone of our energy infrastructure. At Intersolar Europe Restart from October 6–8, 2021 in Munich, they will take center stage: The most important solar industry platform will be presenting the latest innovations in the fields of photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies and solar power plants. At the Intersolar Europe Conference, the specialist conference taking place in parallel with the exhibition, there will be two joint sessions with the ees Europe Conference, where high-caliber presenters will be discussing the integration of PV and storage systems.

An increased expansion of renewable energies is urgently needed. This need has recently been accentuated by the climate crisis while sector coupling has been driving electricity demand. In addition to the expansion of solar and wind energy, they have to be complemented by efficient electrical energy storage to ensure that the energy transition and the new energy world run smoothly. The combination of photovoltaics and storage systems is increasingly becoming the standard. Such technology can be used to optimize the self-consumption of solar energy, for charging electric vehicles, ensuring the uninterruptible power supply of industrial companies, smoothing peaks in energy consumption and stabilizing the grid and other grid services. For this reason, Intersolar and ees Europe Restart 2021 have made the combination of PV and battery storage systems one of the focuses of this year’s conferences.

There’s a lot to discover about the trending topic of PV – and not just for the scope of private applications. The increasing digitalization of PV storage systems is also changing the qualification requirements for industry and commerce. Installers, for instance, must be proficient in using software and also be knowledgeable about connecting to clouds. At the same time, digitalization opens up new doors, for example, in predictive maintenance, which can alert users in advance, for instance, when a battery will need to be changed soon. The exhibition will offer interesting insights into the many new possibilities related to PV and storage technology.

Intersolar Europe Conference with joint sessions on PV and storage
Parallel to the exhibition, the Intersolar Europe Conference offers lectures, workshops and discussions. Trending PV electrical storage technologies will be showcased at the specialist conference. Together with the ees Europe Conference, the specialist conference for ees Europe, the exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems, the Intersolar Europe Conference will be offering two sessions that take a closer look at the combination of PV and storage systems:

Leading the Charge: Electrical Storage for Residential and C&I PV Systems , with presentations on how to secure a reliable industrial power supply. Looking at operating experiences from the USA, commercial and industrial microgrids in urban settings will also be discussed, along with practical examples of how to optimize PV yields and effectively carry out maintenance. A Formidable Team: Utility Scale and Electrical Energy Storage , with presentations on utilization in data centers, where even short interruptions in the power supply, lasting only milliseconds, can lead to problems; other topics include insights into utility-scale projects and how big data can help optimize the efficiency of PV storage in such facilities, as well as the ideal sizing of battery storage systems that are coupled with large-scale photovoltaic plants.

In these sessions, participants will discover which applications are available, both for residential storage systems and large-scale storage systems, and how system operation can be refined using aggregated data, artificial intelligence and algorithms. The latest international trends will also be presented. The Intersolar Europe Conference will be complemented by the ees Europe Conference, which will have a particular focus on new technological developments, market trends and price developments for battery storage systems.

One ticket – two conferences
An interdisciplinary approach that breaks down barriers between industries: This is what makes The smarter E Europe, the innovation hub for new energy solutions, so special and why you are able to also attend the ees Europe Conference with your conference ticket for Intersolar Europe. And of course, admission to the exhibition is included as well. All who are interested can take a closer look at the Conference Program here: and

Photovoltaics, battery storage and electromobility are growing together.

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