Exhibition Segments

Energy storage technologies


  • Lithium-based batteries
  • Lead-based batteries
  • Redox flow batteries
  • Other battery technologies
  • Recycling/second useFuel cells
  • (Ultra)capacitors
  • Power-to-gas (hydrogen, electrolysis, methanation, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Other energy storage technologies


Energy storage system components and equipment


  • Battery management systems
  • Power electronics for storage systems
  • Battery testing,inspection systems, safety
  • Cooling/temperature management
  • Battery chargers


Battery production technologies/machine and plant construction

  • Materials
  • Battery cell production
  • Battery module production and system installation/assembly
  • Integration/automation technology


Energy storage systems

  • Stationary applications for residential buildings
  • Stationary commercial and industrial applications
  • Stationary applications for utilities and grid operators
  • Low-capacity mobile applications (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.)
  • Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS)
  • EPC contracting/project development for energy storage systems
  • ICT, software for energy storage systems


Grid infrastructure and Solutions for the Integration of Renewable Energies

  • Management of medium and low-voltage grids (troubleshooting, maintenance)
  • Transformers, substations, secondary substations
  • Metering services, operation of metering points
  • Electricity trading and marketing
  • Grid system services (frequency stability/provision of balancing power, voltage stability, grid congestion management)
  • Load management, demand response
  • Virtual power plants/combined power plants
  • Weather forecasts and performance/yield forecasts for renewable power plants
  • Products and services for smart grids
  • Products and services for microgrids
  • Other  



  • Engineering and design
  • Consulting
  • Research and development
  • Test institutes
  • Certification
  • State initiatives and public authorities
  • Trade media, publishing
  • Education and further training, training courses
  • Financial services, subsidies
  • Associations/societies Other renewable energies (small wind turbines, hydro, etc.)