The smarter E Forum: Sector Coupling in Practice

Industry News – Friday, May 17, 2024

The smarter E Forum offers visitors of The smarter E Europe practical knowledge on the major topics of the energy transition such as smart grids, sector coupling, digitalization, flexibility and much more. From installers to energy suppliers – There is something for everyone in the numerous sessions. Our preliminary report gives you an overview.

We will need smart solutions on all grid levels and in all sectors to overcome the challenges of a climate-neutral 24/7 energy supply. The smarter E Europe, taking place from June 19–21 in Munich, takes a holistic approach to the system – from solar power generation and power grids to the grid edge, which is the interface between power grids and connected prosumers and consumers. The smarter E Forum takes the same approach in hall B5, booth B3.550. You can look forward to a large stage and a diverse program. Manufacturers, users and associations share their practical knowledge about big topics such as smart grids and prosuming on all three exhibition days.

Practical knowledge for utilities and grid operators

The forum kicks off on Wednesday, June 19, with the future of power grid management. It will require digitalization and flexibility to smoothly integrate renewables and to balance power generation and consumption at all times. In this first session, leading solution providers and utility companies will present their technologies and strategies for overcoming this issue. Digitalization also helps to speed up the grid connection of PV systems and e-mobility charging parks, which can sometimes take several months, slowing down the energy transition. Learn how this process can be improved in the session Faster to the Grid: Connecting Photovoltaic Systems More Quickly on Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday, June 20, will also be another exciting day for utilities. The day starts with the session Unleash the Future of Energy – Innovation and Digital Technologies Facilitating New Business Models for Utilities. In the afternoon, the stage will belong to EUPD Research’s eighth presentation of the Energy Transition Award, which is aimed at utility companies that are truly committed to driving the energy transition forward.

Honoring performance and innovation

But not only utilities are important for the energy transition – installers of PV and battery storage systems also deserve recognition for their efforts. The EUPD Research Installer Award honors their achievements and will be presented at The smarter E Forum on Wednesday afternoon.

On the same day, the forum will devote some time to the winners and finalists of The smarter E AWARD, which will be presented on the eve of the exhibition at the International Congress Center Messe München (ICM). The finalists of the Smart Integrated Energy and Outstanding Projects categories will present their innovations Their products and services pave the way for a future-proof, intelligent energy system and include solutions for grid management and energy monitoring, the integration of prosumers, flexibility options and much more. Let yourself be inspired by the energy industry’s pioneers!

Great potential for prosumers

From Thursday afternoon, prosumers and intelligent buildings and districts will be the focus of The smarter E Forum. Demand-side flexibility allows prosumers to adjust their consumption, save energy and feed electricity into the grid at peak hours. In the session Empowering Consumers Through Demand-Side Flexibility, you will learn how decentralized systems, such as photovoltaics and stationary or mobile storage systems, can reduce utility costs for consumers, increase the use of renewable energy and help alleviate grid overloads. Another important factor for flexibility and climate-neutral buildings is heating with electricity from renewable sources. The speakers of the session Decarbonising and Electrifying Heating: The European Pathway will provide some best practice examples and share their experiences.

It will require intelligent energy management systems to optimize the use of flexibility, and this will be the subject of discussion on Friday, June 21. In the session Smart Integrated Energy Management, manufacturers will demonstrate the potential of intelligent, integrated energy management systems – from single-family homes and businesses to industrial companies.

Energy communities and energy sharing are also a way for tenants, homeowners or companies to actively participate in the energy transition while benefitting from cheap renewable electricity. New laws are providing a fresh boost. What types of energy sharing are already possible in German-speaking regions, and what issues still need to be resolved to make energy sharing as easy as car sharing? The smarter E Forum provides some answers in another session.

Participation in the forum is free for all exhibition visitors with no registration needed. Some of the presentations are in German, others in English. The full program is available here:

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