Tesvolt Supplies Europe’s Largest Electric Car Charging Park with 2 MWh Energy Storage Capacity

Industry News – Wednesday, April 23, 2020

German energy storage manufacturer Tesvolt is supplying energy storage containers with a total capacity of 2 MWh to Europe’s largest electric car charging park at the Kreuz Hilden junction in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.The first phase of construction, including approximately half of the charging stations, is set to be completed in August.

The charging park will cover 12,000 sqm and offer 114 charging stations,including 40 V3 Tesla Superchargers and 22 fast charging stations by Dutch supplier Fastned, boasting charging power of up to 350 kW. 44 of these charging stations will be reserved for employees and tenants of the planned office buildings and bistro at the charging park.

The power will be source in part from rooftop solar PV installations and two small wind power stations to reduce costs associated with peak loads. The Tesvolt containers will also store green energy from the public grid when it is particularly inexpensive and relieve the grid when there is more energy available than is being drawn.

The owner and operator of the charging park, organic baker Roland Schüren will also open a mobile bakery for motorists waiting for their vehicles to charge. A vertical farming greenhouse, integrated into the office buildings will supplylettuce, strawberries and blueberries for use in the bakery. The bakery’s waste heat is reused for the vertical farming project as well as for heating and hot water.

Gregor Hinz, energy consultant and general technical planner for the project says Tesvolt set itself apart from the other three shortlisted providers because the TPS flex storage container offers impressive performance while being relatively compact and is one of the few systems on the market capable of fulfilling the high technical demands. The smart battery management system developed by Tesvolt engineers ensures that the cells are charged and discharged as efficiently as possible and gives the storage system a high life expectancy of approximately 30 years.

“E-mobility makes all the more sense when electric cars are charged with renewable energy. The Kreuz Hilden charging park is a fine example of this — we admire the project’s holistic approach and we are extremely proud to have been selected to provide the storage systems,” says Daniel Hannemann, CEO and co-founder of Tesvolt.

Source & Image: Tesvolt | www.tesvolt.com

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