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Product Groups

  • PV systems for residential buildings
  • Lithium-based batteries
  • Stationary applications for residential buildings
  • Virtual power plants/combined power plants
  • EV charging stations (wall boxes, charging stations) up to 22 KWel (AC)

Contact Information

+49 8304 92933400
sonnen GmbH
Am Riedbach 1
87499 Wildpoldsried, Germany
Individual company presentation

sonnen - Clean and affordable energy for everyone.

sonnen is one of the world's leading manufacturers of smart home storage systems and a pioneer of clean, decentralized and networked energy technologies. sonnen products and services are used by the sonnenCommunity, a collection of visionaries around the world who share the sonnen vision of clean and affordable energy for everyone. Networked into a virtual power plant, the sonnenVPP, individual households can now help to provide grid services and thus make an additional contribution to a CO2-free energy supply.

Gaining energy independence with sonnen

In addition to smart energy storage systems with optional emergency back up power, sonnen offers customers in Germany and Italy the unique sonnenFlat electricity tariff that provides a free amount of electricity in return for participation in the sonnenVPP. EV drivers may also benefit from the decentralised generation of power on their own roof: with the sonnenCharger, the intelligent wallbox from sonnen, EV driving becomes truly clean for the first time and self-consumption is intelligently maximised.

With offices located in Germany, Italy, Australia, the UK and the USA, sonnen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell within its Renewables and Energy Solutions division.

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