Market Trends

E-mobility needs renewable energy

If everything runs according to the German government’s plan, 6 million electric vehicles will be on German roads by 2030. Market researchers at Navigant Research anticipate this magnitude of sales on the global market within the next seven years. more

Self-consumption of solar power pays off

For homeowners with new photovoltaic panels, it makes more sense to consume their own solar power rather than paying for expensive electricity from utility companies. According to a survey by the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) and ees Europe, a turnkey solar storage battery now costs 40% less than it did three years ago. At the same time, the prices for domestic solar power production are now often only half of what power companies charge. more


Large-scale storage systems combine many small, renewable energy systems, turning them into virtual power plants

It takes a large storage system to make the most of the multitude of small photovoltaic installations and wind farms. It can turn them into a cluster that can provide reliable electricity, replacing conventional large-scale power stations. Known as virtual, combined or swarm power stations, these decentralized, renewable power plants can even provide balancing power to offset fluctuations in the electricity grids. more


Storing solar power safety

Stationary battery systems are increasingly being fitted in residential buildings to store the power generated by photovoltaic installations. To guarantee their safety, research institutions, manufacturers and associations have published a safety guide. In conjunction with a free storage passport for consumers, this forms a comprehensive safety concept introduced by the industry long ago. The storage passport documents the quality of the components and confirms that they have been installed in a technically correct manner. more


The market for electrical storage systems is growing

Sales of energy storage systems are trending upwards. The German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) predicts that 20,000 new solar storage systems will be installed in Germany this year – as compared to 17,000 last year. Industry experts expect this number to continue to increase in the coming years. more



Automobile manufacturers move into battery production

As efficient and environmentally friendly mobility solutions (when charged with renewable energy), electric vehicles make an important contribution to the energy transition. The expected boom in e-mobility has seen a huge increase in demand for lithium-ion battery suppliers. more