General terms and conditions of participation and privacy policy for prize draws

held by Solar Promotion GmbH, Kiehnlestraße 16, 75172 Pforzheim/Germany – hereinafter the “organizer.”


1. Subject matter

These general terms and conditions of participation apply to all prize draws held by Solar Promotion GmbH via the following Facebook pages:


and the following Instagram profile:


as well as the following Twitter accounts:

The prize draws have no connection whatsoever with Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and are not sponsored, supported or organized by Instagram, Facebook or Twitter in any way. The recipient of data provided by the participants is not Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, but rather Solar Promotion GmbH. All information given in connection with the prize draws is exclusively given by Solar Promotion GmbH as the organizer of the draw. German law applies to all competitions of Solar Promotion GmbH.


2. Participation

By participating in a prize draw, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook users expressly accept these general terms and conditions of participation. Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Participation is only possible via a personal Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account (the participant’s own account).

Participation is only possible until the end date stated on the Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page for the prize draw. For the start and end times of the draw, please refer to the information given on the relevant Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page.

To find out what you have to do in order to take part in a prize draw held via one of the above Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages, please refer to the description of the prize draw posted there. For example, it may be necessary to like a post on our Instagram or Facebook page in order to participate. Votes among Instagram, Twitter or Facebook users may also be held in order to identify a winning post (e.g. “The photo with the most Likes wins”). 

After the stated deadline for a prize draw, participation is no longer possible. The time at which participants’ entries are received by the organizer, as shown by the relevant electronic records, will be used to determine whether the deadline has been met. The organizer is not liable for any technical malfunctions which prevent users from participating before the deadline, such as telecommunications failures or server issues. The organizer reserves the right to change elements of the prize draw without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances, or to cancel or terminate the prize draw. The latter applies in particular in the event of software or hardware errors or other technical or legal issues which make it impossible to properly perform the prize draw.


3. Content

The following additional conditions apply to photos/images and text posted to the above-mentioned Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages:

Participants agree not to upload any text, photos or images which violate legal provisions or third-party copyrights, personal rights or trademarks. They also agree to respect individuals’ right to their own image and not to post any photos of persons who have not given their express consent. 

Participants shall be liable under the applicable statutory provisions for any violations of these rules. 

By posting a photo/image, participants confirm that the photo/image may be published, linked and discussed, and consent to the use of their name or social media username in this context. By participating, participants transfer to the organizer, free of charge, the simple (non-exclusive) right to copy the photo/image for the purposes of reporting on the prize draw, in particular to edit and disseminate the photo/image and use the photo/image on websites and social media for this purpose, without limitations in terms of time or place. The organizers may also use winners’ photos/images to announce and promote future prize draws. 


4. Prizes and selection of winners

The prize offered will be stated in the post announcing the prize draw, which can be found in the feed of the relevant Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page. All prizes are non-cash prizes; they are not payable in cash and cannot be exchanged. The claim to a prize is non-transferable.

Selection of winners and acceptance of prizes: Winners will be chosen by lottery unless otherwise stated on the relevant Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page, e.g. when the photo with the most Likes wins (vote among users). If a prize draw does not require participants to post any content, but solely to like a post or answer a question etc., the winner will be chosen by lottery. In the latter case, a panel of judges at Solar Promotion GmbH will draw a winner from among the participants. The organizers will notify the winner after the end of the prize draw via the winner’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. Alternatively, or additionally, winners may be announced after the end of the prize draw via the organizer’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account or by email.

The winner must verifiably accept the prize (by email) by the deadline stated in the notification sent to them. Generally, the prize will be sent by mail or email; the winner must therefore state their mailing address and email address in order to receive the prize. If the prize is not sent out and must be redeemed or collected by the winner in a particular place, this will be stated before the deadline for the prize draw. All decisions are final with no right of appeal.


5. Liability

If services provided by third parties (tourism service providers, travel agencies, etc.) are offered as a prize, Solar Promotion GmbH will not be liable for non-performance, poor performance or any damage incurred by the winner when using the service. The general terms and conditions of business or travel of the prize sponsors apply; any warranty claims or claims for damages must be submitted to the sponsors.

As the organizer of the prize draw, Solar Promotion GmbH is liable solely for damage in connection with the lottery caused by its employees intentionally or through gross negligence. As the provider of the prizes, the organizer is not liable for damage arising due to defective technical equipment, for delays or interruptions to transmission, or for damage incurred in connection with participation in the prize draw.


6. Data protection

Personal data pertaining to the winner and their legal guardian, if applicable, will be collected for the purpose of holding the prize draw. The organizer has the right to publish the name and profile of all prize winners on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. By entering a social media prize draw organized by Solar Promotion GmbH via the above-mentioned Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages, participants agree to the below privacy policy.

Information in accordance with Article 13 GDPR:

The data controller within the meaning of Article 4, paragraph 7 GDPR is Solar Promotion GmbH, Kiehnlestraße 16, 75172 Pforzheim/Germany. The company’s data protection officer can be contacted at: datenschutzbeauftragter(at) All personal data belonging to the participant will be stored and used solely for the purpose of holding the prize draw. Data will only be transferred to third parties where this is necessary in order to provide or send prizes. The data will be deleted at the end of the statutory retention period, provided it is no longer needed. Participants have the following rights with regard to their personal data: 

-    Right of access
-    Right to request rectification or erasure
-    Right to have processing of the data restricted
-    Right to object to processing 
-    Right of data portability
-    Right to complain to a data protection supervisory authority about the processing of their personal data. 


7. Applicable law

German law applies. The law of the consumer’s usual place of residence shall prevail if it is more favorable for the consumer.