Use of large-scale storage systems is growing thanks to the commercialization of balancing power.


It takes a large storage system to make the most of the multitude of small photovoltaic and wind farms. It can turn them into a cluster that can provide reliable electricity, replacing conventional large-scale power stations. Known as virtual or swarm power stations, these decentralized, renewable power systems can even provide balancing power to offset fluctuations in the electricity grids.

 The growing market share of renewable energies presents new challenges for the electricity grid because solar and wind systems' production fluctuates with weather conditions. In particular distribution networks – local electricity grids that supply electricity to household – are not designed for this. In its "SmartPowerFlow" project, the Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI) showed that the continued expansion of the electricity grid does not make economic sense. The grids have to be designed to cope with a load which is only reached a few times a year. This is an expensive and complex endeavor. This is where large-scale batteries come in as a cost-effective, local alternative to grid expansion.

Large-scale storage systems utilize excess electricity

The RLI's analysis also shows that, under the current framework conditions in Germany, by far the most lucrative use of storage batteries would be in the primary balancing power market. However, there are other potential business models for large-scale storage systems, including neighborhood-scale distributed energy storage. A concept has already been developed where cogeneration and photovoltaic operators could use a storage battery jointly. The advantage: The initial investment would be more affordable than installing smaller, domestic storage systems.

 Large-scale storage systems could also absorb excess electricity from Germany's national electricity grid where excess supply cannot be used. Large photovoltaic and wind farm operators could use them to optimize the commercialization of their power. ees Europe is offering a forum to talk with experts in Hall B1, Stand B1.151. Come along and meet the professionals to talk about large-scale storage systems and much more.