Webinar: When are commercial storage systems worthwhile?

April 26, 2018: In the context of the much-discussed energy transition, the use of large-scale storage systems is taking on an ever-greater role in commerce and industry, as well as for utilities. The aim is for storage systems to bridge the gap between the volatile infeed from renewable energy sources on the one hand and grid electricity demand on the other. As the grid is unable to store energy, exactly the same amount of power must be fed into it as consumers are drawing from it at any given moment. Linking up grids over large areas is of course another way to mitigate this issue. Economic assessments of storage system projects show that – with just a few exceptions – battery storage systems must perform multiple tasks to generate a good return on investment. As every task contributes to the storage system’s overall revenue, it is common to look at it in terms of multiple revenue paths that combine to give the total profit margin. Possible streams of revenue and cost savings include for example cutting peak loads, avoiding grid charges, atypical grid usage, marketing balancing power, optimizing self-consumption and providing reactive power.

The webinar with Hans Urban, a consultant in the field of renewable energies and e-mobility, will bring participants up to date on the latest expertise in this area.

The webinar has taken place on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 4:00pm (in German only)

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