sonnen und Engie Agree on Partnership

April 26, 2018: Since 2017, PV self-consumption systems in France have been supported with an investment bonus. At the same time, the electricity price has risen by about 20% in the past five years. In order to offer the two-thirds of the French population who are interested in a photovoltaic installation the opportunity to offer self-generated electricity in the evening and at night, the storage provider sonnen and Engie have joined forces to offer the customer of the energy supplier a complete package for self-consumption. Under the name My Power they receive a PV system and a sonnenBatterie.
The French storage market is still in its early stages, but exactly for that very reason it has great potential. The cooperation gives sonnen access to 4.4 million homeowners and new customers.
sonnen already had its sonnenBatterie on the French market, certified it and trained numerous fitters on site. In addition to its  most important market Germany, sonnen also operates in other European countries, as well as in the USA and Australia.

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