Salt River Project: Largest battery system in Arizona to replace coal-fired power plant

November 15, 2019 – The Salt River Project (SRP) in Arizona announces plans for two solar and storage projects. By the end of fiscal year 2025, 1 GW of renewable energy will be added. The Sonoran Energy Center will be the largest solar battery project in the state, utility officials said.

Sonoran includes a 250 MW solar array charging a four-hour battery system capable of storing 1 GWh. The second project, the Storey Energy Center, will be an approximately 88-MW solar and energy storage system. According to SRP spokespersons, the projects will help cover the utility's summer peak loads as coal resources are decommissioned. Both solar projects are expected online by June 2023 and will be owned and operated by subsidiaries of NextEra Energy Resources.

The future of the 2.25 GW Navajo plant has been uncertain for years and has now been shut down. The new resources are expected to help replace lost energy while meeting renewable energy targets, according to SRP leaders. The utility is working to reduce its carbon emissions per megawatt-hour by more than 60% by 2035 and by 90% in 2050.

According to the SRP, the plants will provide enough energy to power about 100,000 homes, with batteries storing excess solar for use during peak demand. SRP plans to replace the majority of the plant's generation with natural gas from its Mesquite and Gila River units in Arizona, along with new renewables.


Source: Utility Dive


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