First hybrid power plant for primary control reserve in Germany

Sulzberg, June 14, 2019: The utility company Allgäuer Überlandwerke (AÜW) has officially launched the hybrid power plant which it built last year with a new battery storage system and an old gas turbine. According to AÜW, it is the first such plant in Germany that has been approved for the primary control reserve market.

The energy storage system was put into operation in August 2018 on the premises of Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH (AÜW) in Sulzberg, Germany, with a capacity of 16 MW and an energy content of 8.5 MWh. The company currently uses the battery storage system on the primary control reserve market for stabilizing the power grid. The storage system is connected to a gas turbine, making it Germany’s first hybrid power plant, according to AÜW. The necessary prequalification was granted by transmission system operator Amprion in February. “We now have permission to market the first hybrid power plant in Germany – consisting of a large-scale storage system connected to a gas turbine – on the secondary control reserve market,” shares project leader Thorsten Häusler happily. “The idea is to buffer the times needed for the gas turbine to start up with the battery storage system, thus enabling us to take part in the secondary control reserve market.”

The storage system was supplied by the systems provider Smart Power GmbH & Co. KG from Feldkirchen, near Munich. The batteries and inverters are manufactured by Sungrow Samsung SDI Energy Storage Power Supply Co., Ltd. The project was financed without the aid of public subsidies.


Source: AÜW | © EEM Energy & Environment Media GmbH