Award-winning tiny house with solar-plus-storage

Award-winning tiny house with solar-plus-storage

September 4, 2019. Designing sustainable and energy-efficient homes is one of the biggest energy transition goals in the building sector. Some participants in the international student contest Solar Decathlon Europe have now focused their energies on constructing a tiny house that meets these standards. Students of Ghent University in Belgium designed a house called the Mobble, for which the battery manufacturing company VARTA donated a wall-mounted VARTA pulse storage system. A photovoltaic installation mounted on the roof of the tiny house converts sunlight into energy. The storage system stores this energy and makes it available for use at night and at times of day when the sun isn’t shining. Thanks to its compact design, the storage system fits in the Mobble’s limited space of just 6 x 2.4 x 3.1 meters.

The Mobble tiny house is constructed from modular components, which allows it to be flexibly integrated into existing structures and adapted to any changes in requirements. This means that the Mobble can be used as a guest house, for example, or emergency accommodation on the roof of prefabricated buildings in need of renovation. After the renovation, the miniature houses can be kept to provide additional living space. At the finale of the Solar Decathlon Europe in Hungary, the project was awarded four prizes: first place in the Engineering & Construction category as well as third place in the categories of Communication & Social Awareness, Neighbourhood Integration & Impact and Energy Balance.

Sixteen students majoring in architecture, engineering and technology at Ghent University took part in the competition. The team was supported by the university’s Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. The competition involved not just the architectonic and energy-related planning and production of the tiny house, but also the project organization and financing.

Source: VARTA AG
Image Source: VARTA AG


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