Patrick Huber

Job Title
H2 Energy Holding AG

Patrick Huber is the Chairman of H2 Energy Holding AG, a business innovator for renewables with the goal to stop climate change and to make hydrogen and fuel cell technology a key pillar of our energy system. Patrick has joined H2 Energy in 2017 and has been named group CEO in 2018. Since then, H2 Energy has established various Joint Ventures with different industry leaders such as Nel ASA, Hyundai Motors, Linde, Alpiq and others. Patrick believes in an eco-system approach for hydrogen solutions and in the importance on the commercial viability and scalability of projects. In 2021 Patrick has been appointed as Chairman of H2 Energy Holding AG and he was elected as a Board Member of Hydrogen Europe in 2020. Patrick has a financial background and prior to joining H2 Energy worked in the financial industry in London, Frankfurt and Zurich. He is married, father of two children and he lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

October 08, 2021Swiss Fuel Cell Truck Ecosystem: A Vision Becomes a Business Model