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Product Groups

  • Lithium-based batteries
  • Stationary applications for utilities and grid operators
  • Stationary applications for residential buildings
  • Stationary commercial and industrial applications

Contact Information

+45 7060 2017
Hassellunden 16
2765 Smorum, Denmark
Individual company presentation

Intelligent Energy Storage

XOLTA battery systems for energy storage are intelligent, small and scalable. From 5kWh to 2MWh the batteries are ideal for commercial & industrial applications, microgrids and grid support as well as large and small residential homes.

The solar batteries come in capacities of 5, 10 or 79kWh and are all modular, enabling upscaling when needed. Rather than investing in an oversized energy storage buy what you need now – and add extra batteries when and if your needs increase.

Tracking weather, electricity use and kWh prices, the cloud-connected batteries calculate the optimal time and use of electricity. And via the personal XOLTA web app, you can always follow the performance of your investment.

Optimal design
All XOLTA batteries are designed to be placed outside as well as inside. The BAT-79 battery rack has a footprint of only 73x85 cm and the smaller compact batteries BAT-5 and BAT-10 are aesthetically designed for a house wall. All batteries have a built-in inverter avoiding the hassle of an extra purchase or installation.

No matter how many batteries you have working together, each battery also functions as an independent unit. That means you can shut one or more down at any time without compromising the others’ performance.

Both people and products at XOLTA are agile and we go to great lengths to adapt our systems to meet your specific needs.

Headquatered in Denmark, XOLTA is a division of LiTHIUM BALANCE, a pioneer and global leader in battery management systems. That’s why safety, performance and reliability are built into all XOLTA batteries. XOLTA’s owner, Sensata Technologies, is also one of the world’s leading suppliers of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions.

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