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Joint Booth / Special Area

Interbattery Showcase

Product Groups

  • Other battery technologies
  • Other energy storage technologies
  • Cooling/temperature management of storage systems
  • Battery cell production

Contact Information

34, Gukjegwahak 21-ro, Yuseong-gu
06650 Daejeon, South Korea
Individual company presentation

Company Introduction

LiBEST is a company that develops and manufactures Flexible Li-ion Battery and also a CES Innovation Awards honoree in 2020, 2023.

LiBEST is special for its "fully flexible" and “high capacity” battery since most of the competitor's battery can't be bent in full range and has lower capacity.

Device manufacturers in wearable and healthcare industry have high demand for this flexible battery because it provides additional power without increasing the size of devices by applying it to the unused space.

This will extend the running time of the device and if this replaces the previous space-consuming battery it can solve many limitations in product design by making it thinner and lighter.

Exhibit Items

1. Flexible lithium-ion battery
A new form factor of Li-ion secondary battery that has a flexible shape across its entire length, allowing it to fill dead space in a device.

It has a higher capacity than other companies' products and is a new form of energy that won an innovation award at CES in 2020.

2. Flame/Frost resistance battery
This is a battery that has two properties at the same time: it does not catch fire in a fire situation, and it works normally even in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius.

This battery manufacturing technology can be used in existing facilities, making it easy to set, and it can also be applied to flexible batteries.

This battery type is based on a new manufacturing technology that won an innovation award at CES in 2023.

3. All-Solid-State Battery
This type of battery is known as next-generation energy because it has a much higher energy density than typical lithium-ion batteries.

We are also researching an all-solid-state battery based on lithium sulfur, and are preparing to introduce a new era of energy.

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