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Conference Program 2018

Energy storage markets, technological innovations and business models at the ees Europe Conference 2018

Stationary energy storage systems are being used increasingly at all levels of the energy supply sector, from transmission networks to direct connection with PV systems and wind farms. The ees Europe Conference is therefore focusing on understanding the markets, best practices and business models for stationary storage systems.

In addition, e-mobility is gaining momentum internationally. And it’s not just about cars. In all transport sectors, e-mobility is playing an increasingly important role – from local public transport and regional rail networks to shipping and aviation. The session “Electrifying the Non-automotive Transport Sector” addresses precisely this exciting development.

With a growing demand for stationary as well as mobile storage systems, production capacities for batteries continue to grow. More and more production facilities are being built worldwide, making efficient production processes that reduce costs and increase production volumes while guaranteeing quality standards all the more important. At the ees Europe Conference 2018, there will be numerous sessions on these economy of scale effects, including materials issues, battery cell and module design as well as peripheral components for system integration.

Here you can find an overview of the ees Europe Conference sessions 2018.

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