Study predicts photovoltaic and storage systems to increase fourfold by 2035 thanks to e-mobility

September 11, 2019 – E-mobility could become an important factor driving new deployment of photovoltaic installations and domestic storage systems. That’s the conclusion of a recent study looking at the role of the German photovoltaics market in the growth of e-mobility, carried out by EuPD Research on behalf of the storage system manufacturer E3/DC.


The market for small-scale systems has enjoyed stable growth since 2015. According to EuPD Research, almost 57,000 photovoltaic installations with a capacity of up to ten kilowatts were installed in Germany last year. This figure is expected to increase fourfold by 2035. At the same time, the researchers forecast a steady upward trend in system size. They say that from 2020 onward, photovoltaic installations with a capacity of more than seven kilowatts will account for almost all growth in the sector. The increase in system sizes is attributed in particular to growing power consumption by private households. This trend in turn is explained by the ongoing electrification of mobility and heat generation.

While electric heat pumps tend to be fitted in new buildings, says the study, storage systems and the wall boxes that communicate with them for charging electric cars are being installed regardless of the age of the building. For larger photovoltaic installations in particular, homeowners want to use as much of the solar power as possible themselves. In 2018, one in twelve private photovoltaic installations was installed in combination with a wall box. Around 75 percent of these PV & wall box installations are also equipped with a storage system. EuPD Research expects that systems combining these three aspects will enjoy further significant growth as e-mobility gains ground in the future. By 2035, the researchers believe, 60 percent of new installations will couple photovoltaics with a wall box and storage in the small-scale segment.


Full study (in German)

Source: PV Magazine (in German)


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