The booming international market for e-mobility and storage systems is generating concerns that demand for lithium-ion battery cells for these applications could exceed the available resources. But lithium-ion batteries are not the only option when it comes to local or mobile electricity storage.

A new alternative is offered by Redox flow batteries (RFBs), which have been developed by researchers at institutes and companies while going largely unremarked by the general public. The salts used by RFBs to store chemical energy are held in aqueous solutions in two separate tanks. The storage capacity of the batteries is determined by the volume of the tanks and is thus in principle fully scalable. To date, this technology has been used for large-scale storage systems. Developers in companies and research institutes are now working hard on modifications to make it suitable for domestic storage systems and electric vehicles too. And storage prices should see further significant reductions thanks to the use of affordable materials such as iron and zinc.

Another option being intensively developed is the use of electricity to generate hydrogen for energy storage. Initial pilot projects on storing wind energy have been successfully completed. Now, the aim is to adapt these systems for use with domestic photovoltaic installations. The particular appeal of the systems is that power generation creates heat in the fuel cell which can be used to assist domestic hot water production.

At the same time, the development of lithium-ion batteries is still in full swing. New electrode materials and innovative stack architecture to replace the widely used round cell are reducing the material demand and charging times while increasing efficiency. And at the system level, companies are using expandable modular storage systems and smart control technology to make it possible to adapt domestic storage systems more closely to individual demand.

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