Energy storage industry is developing new markets

Throughout the world, electricity storage systems serve to bridge the gap between power generation from fluctuating renewable sources and power consumption, which varies throughout the day and the year. The process of globalization, which occurred in the wind and solar industries years ago, is now underway in the energy storage industry, where companies are establishing subsidiaries in emerging storage markets, joining forces with local partners, tapping into new markets and increasing their export quotas. Analysts at IHS Markit anticipate a global deployment of 4.7 gigawatts of storage capacity annually by 2020, with this number expected to reach 8.8 gigawatts by 2025. This growth opens tremendous sales opportunities for companies, which are now starting to acquire the necessary local knowledge and develop sales structure that reflect regional circumstances.

The best-known example of the internationalization of the storage industry is surely the decision by US company Tesla to build the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in Australia. This development overshadows the fact that according to figures from the German Energy Storage Association, around 20,000 domestic storage systems were installed in Australia in 2017 (by way of comparison: around 30,000 storage systems were installed in Germany in 2017). In addition, the German storage specialist sonnen is building battery production facilities in Adelaide in partnership with the Australian state of South Australia.

But less prominent storage markets should not be overlooked in favor of well-known growth markets such as Australia and the USA. For example, Japan is increasingly capitalizing on Redox flow batteries and hydrogen technology, while off-grid systems with integrated storage solutions are moving ahead in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cooperation not only takes the form of international partnerships, it also includes partnerships between companies that were previously active in completely different industries – for example, the involvement of automobile manufacturers in battery production or the deployment of used lithium-ion batteries from passenger cars in large-scale storage systems for stabilizing the power grids.

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