Electricity storage becomes the fourth pillar of the energy system

Electricity storage balances differences between electricity generation and consumption at the moment by decoupling the two determining factors of power supply in time. They bring a new quality to the energy industry and will establish themselves as the fourth pillar of the energy system in addition to generation, transport and consumption.

The market for electricity storage has grown rapidly in recent years and has gained international momentum - for example in the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia. In Germany alone, according to figures from the German Solar Industry Association, 30,000 new solar energy storage units were installed last year – a tripling within three years.

Storage is not only a driver for the photovoltaic market in Germany, it is also a key technology for the further development of electromobility. Numerous innovations lead to ever higher vehicle ranges and ever shorter charging times.

But also in the domestic area, storage technology is making further progress. Digitalization makes it possible to exploit the potential of stationary and mobile electricity storage systems to establish innovative solutions such as cluster storage or Community Electricity Storage(CES) via intelligent linking of storage facilities. At the same time, digitization makes it possible to use storage systems for network stabilization, for example.

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