The smarter E Europe, the continent’s largest energy industry platform and the associations Eurogas and Hydrogen Europe have joint forces in achieving a decarbonised Europe and work together towards a sustainable energy future. The smarter E Europe unites four exhibitions and conferences including ees Europe, the largest exhibition and conference for batteries and energy storage systems in Europe.

Power-to-X technologies are on the rise and essential for the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies. The future role of Power-to-X and how hydrogen, together with solar and wind energy, can pave the way towards successful sector coupling will be among the topics discussed at the high-class conference "Power-to-X" in Munich on May 16, 2019.

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Power-to-X Conference Quick Facts

DateMay 16, 2019
Location / VenueRoom 3, International Congress Center ICM, München, Germany
Attendees120+ (expected)
Ticket Price€450 (Hydrogen Europe and Eurogas members receive a 25% discount)
Target GroupPower supply companies | Power plant operators | Grid operators | Manufacturers and suppliers of plants and components for P2X plants | Investors | Politicians

With joint forces for a powerful energy future

In order to give Power-to-X the attention it deserves, the organizers of ees Europe are cooperating with the two European associations Hydrogen Europe and Eurogas. The objective of the cooperation is to support each other to achieve a decarbonized Europe and to work together towards a future powered by renewable energy. Attendees can therefore be sure to attend a high-level conference and to network with European Power-to-X experts!

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The main topics of the conference

  • Hydrogen production from renewable electricity for energy storage and grid balancing
  • Status of power-to-gas and other multi-sector hydrogen activities
  • Hydrogen storage and distribution
  • Power-to-Gas as a facilitator of sector coupling
  • Energy and industrial policy aspects - current status in Germany and other EU-States
  • Fuel cell systems for CHP and power for industrial, commercial, residential scales and small applications
  • Lates trends - Road/Non-road vehicles propulsion

Interested in speaking? Please contact Bernd Porzelius.


Special offer for Eurogas and Hydrogen Europe Members: Present your solutions for hydrogen infrastructure, power-to-gas and fuel cells at the joint pavilion in hall C2 and get access to 50.000 visitors of The smarter E Europe in Munich. More information

Use of excess renewable electricity for Power-to-Gas taking center stage

Renewable, synthetic energy carriers are one of the central pillars of an integrated energy transition, alongside the direct use of renewable power and temporary storage of this power in batteries. These energy sources make it possible to seasonally store excess solar and wind energy and subsequently use it in many different ways for sector coupling, be it for heat supply, transportation or industry. The key technology for this is power-to-gas (PtG), which involves using energy for electrolysis to break down water into oxygen and hydrogen. Additional synthesis processes can then be used to convert the hydrogen gas into methane – a gaseous energy source – convert it into liquid fuels or even convert it back into electrical energy. How exactly power-to-X technologies can help drive the energy transition is a topic of debate. More information

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