Exhibitor Testimonials

Voices of ees Europe 2019

"ees Europe is the place to be" - this is only one of many positive exhibitor voices about participating in ees Europe 2019. ees Europe is the largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage system, taking place in Munich.

Johan de Vries, Head of Marketing at Alfen B.V.

“Attending ees Europe is about making contacts. Here, we meet our customers and potential customers as well as our competitors. It is important to keep an eye on the innovations of the market and compare them with our own. We’re thrilled to take part in ees Europe every year.”

Daniel Hannemann, Managing Director at Tesvolt GmbH

"ees Europe is the most important date in the exhibition calendar because it opens up great opportunities for business and its excellent marketing attracts a first-class international customer base. We find the contacts to support the development of sustainable solutions for industry and commerce here at the exhibition. Although industry and commerce are the largest energy consumers, there is a certain lack of the kind of innovative storage solutions that we offer. It is a great pleasure for us to be at ees Europe." 

Jörg Erdmann, Vice President Marketing & Communication at SOLARWATT

"In particular for Germany and Europe, ees Europe is absolutely the leading exhibition in the field of electrical storage systems. It’s a platform for us to reach exactly the public we aim to attract with our products. It’s simply a great deal of fun to be here."

Solarwatt is one of the market leaders for scalable PV Storage Systems

Philipp Schröder, managing director of sonnen GmbH

"ees Europe remains the world’s leading exhibition for energy storage systems. That’s why we like coming here. If you want to be part of this dynamic trend, you have to take part. Period."

sonnen GmbH is a market leader for solar storage systems and coordinates the so-called sonnen community for decentralized connected home storage systems