The smarter E Forum

1 Exclusive Content Partner | €18,000 | booked

The smarter E Forum, combined with the integrated trade press booth forms a central platform for the presentation of new trends and innovations. Attendance is free of charge.

In addition, the AWARD ceremonies take place on this stage and guarantee the sponsor a high visitor and press agents visibility!

Your Benefits:

  • Logo display in The smarter E Forum
  • Possibility to distribute information material and branded giveaways (on chairs) in the The smarter E Forum before every presentation
  • Daily presentation slot in the forum (15 minutes)
  • Logo on screens during announcements and breaks
  • Logo on sponsor boards
  • Logo and company profile (max. 290 characters, GER and ENG) on sponsor section of the websites (URL provided by sponsor)
    - Intersolar Europe
    - ees Europe
    - Power2Drive Europe
    - EM-Power Europe
    - The smarter E Europe
  • Your advertising banner with link to your company website during the period from February–May 2021 on the The smarter E Forum program page (banner to be provided by sponsor)
  • Logo on the sponsor page in the
    - Event Guide
  • 1,800 bonus points in the Membership Program