The smarter E Europe Lanyard

The smarter E Europe Lanyard

1 Exclusive Sponsor | €32,000 (incl. production costs) | booked

Upon registering, visitors to exhibition receive a lanyard. By displaying its company logo on the lanyards, the sponsor is both in sight and mind of all visitors at all times.

Supplement your booking with the handing out of the lanyards by 1-2 employees next to the lanyard stands. The price for this additional sponsorship opportunity is € 5,000.

Your Benefits:

  • Logo on exhibition lanyards
  • Logo and company profile (max. 290 characters, GER and ENG) on sponsor section of the websites (URL provided by sponsor)
    - Intersolar Europe
    - ees Europe
    - Power2Drive Europe
    - EM-Power Europe
  • Logo on the sponsor page in the Event Guide
  • Logo on sponsor boards
  • 3,200 bonus points in the Membership Program